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About Mana Shoes


Mana Shoes, is the premier destination for High-quality& Best price footwear! Mana Shoes is a footwear manufacturing company from the city of destiny- Vizag that is widely regarded as the best& largest shoe manufacturing company in the Telugu states of India. With a passion for creating stylish, comfortable and long durable footwear which is perfect for the unique demands of the region, Mana Shoes has become the go-to choice for people looking for High-quality& Best price shoes. Our extensive collection of shoes includes everything from school shoes to safety shoes, ensuring that we have the perfect pair for all categories of people. For children school shoes, for employee’s safety shoes, formal shoes& sports shoes, causals, outdoor shoes for all and specially customized shoes as per requirement. We believe that shoes should look good, feel comfort & make you to reach extra miles in life. we use the latest German technology and advanced materials to create footwear that is not only stylish but also comfortable & durable.


At Mana Shoes, we offer a wide range of prices to fit any budget starting from 100/- to 10,000/- without compromising on quality. 



Our mission is to reach out to the needs of people and especially the customers of Telugu states. To make every new variant and model of shoes reachable to people making them wonder about the quality & price.



Our vision is to be that unique company that people can choose very often irrespective of any demography to make the high quality& best shoes available to every Indian doorstep from minimum to the maximum range is our visionary approach.

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